Contribute Your Story 

to The Chirp!

Curious about what you can contribute to The Chirp newsletter and how and when to do it? Read on...

  • WHAT? For Experts: Educate us. We'll link your email and website so there's no need to pitch your hustle, just offer something short and helpful (Ex. 3 tips for cooking perfect fish, 3 things people regret not asking their home inspector, 3 ways to talk to your spouse about whether to expand your family or not).

  • WHAT? For Businesses: Same as Experts or Tell us a brief story about the problem you solved when you started your biz or the #1 problem you are solving for other moms with your biz. You can also suggest yourself to be in a list with others for a category of research you know moms do (such creative personalized gifts) or We will link to your website and mention any promo you offer. 

  • WHAT? For Everyone Else: Entertain us with your deepest confessions or shameless anecdotes. Keep it short or offer a link to your full blog or social post that we can take an excerpt from. Be sure to add your IG or Twitter handles for all your new friends. 

  • WHEN? Whenever, and we'll cue it up for the next opening. Right now The Chirp goes out monthly and isn't on a strict schedule, so reach out if you are hoping to have your piece go out during a particular timeframe.

  • HOW? Email it to

  • PHOTOS? Not required, but if you have one, send it!

  • ANYTHING? Well, true not just annnnything will fit with The Chirp. Mostly keep it brief and don't be spammy or incite mommy wars. If I can't lightly edit your piece into something that works as-is, I'll let you know how we can get it there. ZERO judgement, I'm flattered you've read this far, you're awesome.