Welcome to the show notes for The Motherbird Podcast. You can find links, contact info and details below from our episodes. 

Episode 1: Welcome to The Motherbird Podcast

Mia Sable Hays

Meet me, your host, and hear a bit about how my early motherhood experience inspired Motherbird, why I started this podcast during the pandemic, and who we are looking for as future guests. 

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Episode 2: Explaining Public, Magnet, & Charter schools in LA

Tanya Anton - GoMamaGuide

Catch up with Tanya Anton at GoMamaGuide.com

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Episode 3: LA Nature Kids Preschool

Christopher Pierre & Shelayna Kennedy

Catch up with LA Nature Kids at LANatureKids.com

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Episode 4: Beyond the Brochure

Christina Simon

Catch up with Christina Simon at BeyondtheBrochureLA.com

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Episode 5: Piper Preschool

Crystal Free, Helen & Nicole

Catch up with Piper Preschool at PiperPreschool.com

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Episode 6: The Little Garden Preschool

Jolene Doucette


Episode 7: Branches Atelier

Patricia Hunter McGrath

Catch up with Branches Atelier at BranchesAtelier.com

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Episode 8: The Placing Method

Camille De Mondesir


Catch up with Camille De Mondesir at ThePlacingMethod.com

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Episode 10: Brella

Melanie Wolff & Darien Williams


Catch up with Brella at HelloBrella.com

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Cecilia Wong_CWC East Valley.png

Episode 11: Citizens of the World Charter School - East Valley

Cecilia Wong


Catch up with Cecilia at CWCEastValley.org

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Episode 12: Growing Place Preschool - Santa Monica

Pauline McPeake & Losmeiya Huang



Episode 13: Hiring Private Educators & Nannies

Katie Provinziano - Westside Nannies, Beverly Hills