motherbird money

We're passionate about empowering moms regardless of their current or future status in the workplace. A side project of ours is to find ways to connect moms with the information they need to be financially literate and savvy investors, savers, and earners of passive income. This page will feature links to our private Facebook money study group, our educational YouTube playlist, and affiliate links to recommended financial services and products.


A private, accessible place to chat all things money with other moms. Open to all levels of financial education. Everything from choosing credit cards to saving on groceries, to investing in stocks and real estate. This is not financial advice or promotional, just a place to ask questions and share resources for learning. 


youtube money for moms

Here we are creating and curating the ultimate free and convenient education for moms about money. We're searching for the best and organizing it, so you can find what you need quickly without digging through it all. 


the saving apps

Here are the links to our favorite apps for saving money and earning rewards on your everyday purchases.


the cryptocurrency portal

Here are our links for our recommended places to begin with cryptocurrency trading and investing.