How does motherbird work with the nonprofit 2020 Mom? 

motherbird is committed to donating a portion of our earnings to 2020 Mom, a 501c3 nonprofit working to close the gaps in maternal mental healthcare. We are also the co-organizer for an annual fundraiser during Maternal Mental Health Week, for which they will receive 100% of the proceeds. 

 How many events will there be?

In our first year, motherbird hosted 8 events. Our events are currently on hiatus due to Covid-19, and we hope to resume as soon as we feel that we would be able to deliver an experience that meets our standards of relaxation and fun. 

 Can I get a refund if I cannot attend at the last minute? 

If you have an emergency come up and are not able to attend, we will do everything we can to help find another amazing mama to take your spot so that we can refund you without compromising the event for the other attendees.