Can full time working moms join motherbirdLA?

Yes, we welcome working moms! We welcome all moms. A part of our mission is to reach out to moms outside of the traditional workplace because that is where we have seen the most need for inclusivity in mom-events. We simply ask that working moms refrain from work-oriented conversation at events and that they be sensitive to our philosophy of identity and personal value apart from work status

Who can attend a motherbirdLA event?

Our basic criteria for members or guests at this time are women who have children aged 0-5 and who live on the westside of Los Angeles (Between Santa Monica, Palisades, Beverly Hills, and Westchester). More specifically, we are looking for women of good taste, and good character who will bring great vibes and top resources to our community. Our launch events are open to any mom invited by a motherbird founding member, or those who have applied online in advance. These launch events are opportunities for you to try motherbirdLA out with a one-off event, and for us to get to know interested moms. Once motherbirdLA switches over to membership, only accepted members and approved prospective guests of founders will be allowed to attend events.  

What if my kids are over 5, or I don't live on "the westside"?

We can't wait to grow and support moms in new areas and phases of motherhood. For the time being we are a very small business, and have to focus on this smaller subset in order to deliver on our concept of a high-quality local community with common needs in a small group setting. Please let us know if you are interested in helping to create programming for moms of older kids, or helping to grow 

motherbirdLA to new areas.

How will applications be reviewed?


We review applications in batches, typically every 2-3 months. Our membership council will read your responses, talk to listed referrals, and occasionally request additional information. If you do not receive the next round of event invites, that is not a "no forever", it may simply mean that your application doesn't fit our current bounds (geographic, age of children, etc.) or that we don't have enough information. You can help us with the process by fully filling out your application and reaching out via email or DM to say hello in case we have more questions, especially if you are applying without a personal referral, if your referring member is new or doesn't know you well, and/or if you are very private or absent from social media or web search. As a private club, we do reserve the right to hold off invitations to applicants who present concerns for liabilities. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, nationality, or sexual orientation. 

Can men join motherbirdLA?

At this time we are limited to mothers, but we welcome your ideas for future fatherbirds.

When will membership invitations go out?

Our initial invitations will be extended on a rolling basis, with event membership capped at 100 moms.

What does motherbirdLA cost?

Our first few launch events will be individually ticketed (open to anyone invited by referral), after which membership packages will be introduced. Submitting an application or attending a one-off event does not guarantee membership, nor does it commit applicants to becoming members once they receive an offer. The price for each launch event will reflect the costs directly associated with the event's offerings, and typically falls within $100-$300 per event. We strive to make sure the value of the event's offerings, it's exclusivity, and gifting, ensure that you will feel your experience was better than how you might otherwise have spent the same amount. There will occasionally be discounts for founders, for early bird purchasing, and for multi-ticket purchasing. 

Our email newsletter The Chirp, and our podcast The Motherbird Podcast is free and open to all interested mamas. You can also follow us @motherbirdLA on IG, Facebook, and Twitter to get

in the loop.

How do I find out about attending motherbirdLA events? 

motherbirdLA events will be promoted first to founding members and those who have previously attended or been invited via referral or approved application. The best way to find out about the next even is to submit the online application and DM us on Instagram or email with any questions.

Why join motherbird if I already go out with mom-friends? 

motherbirdLA seeks to create special events that offer the trifecta of: something for you to personally take away, time to bond with your friends, and an opportunity to try something new or have that "wow" experience. We know that you need all of these things and may not have time to plan them or do them all separately. Our events are an opportunity to get the most inner needs met for your time and money. 

Why not just go to free meet-ups or $15-30 nights out?

Yes, you could do that, and if you've been to those you know what they are. This is just totally different. Our events are designed around considering your "pain points" from those other types of events: no one talked to you and you only talked to the person you came with, you met cool people who live too far away to actually hang with, you couldn't relax, you didn't "take something away" that made it feel worth it, it was all about drinking and you didn't feel like drinking, it felt salesy and/or boring or cheap, or it was too far away or too lengthy. This is the anti that. 

How does motherbirdLA work with the nonprofit 2020 Mom? 

motherbirdLA is committed to donating a portion of our earnings to 2020 Mom, a 501c3 nonprofit working to close the gaps in maternal mental healthcare. We are also the co-organizer for an annual fundraiser during Maternal Mental Health Week, for which they will receive 100% of the proceeds. 

 How many events will there be?

In our first year, motherbirdLA hosted 8 events. Our events are currently on hiatus due to Covid-19, and we hope to resume as soon as we feel that we would be able to deliver an experience that meets our standards of relaxation and fun. 

 Can I get a refund if I cannot attend at the last minute? 

If you have an emergency come up and are not able to attend, we will do everything we can to help find another amazing mama to take your spot so that we can refund you without compromising the event for the other attendees.  


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