Welcome Mama,

You're here to find out who's in charge, and the first thing we want you to know is that this is not about us - it's about all of us. We are just moms inspired by other moms helping each other through life in every single way. Creating what we need to exist, what we want to give our friends, and what we hope they will want to give theirs.  



Mia Sable Hays

Founder, Curator of Fine People & Things


Hello, my name is Mia, I am the mother of a super sassy 4 year old daughter, and wife of a video game post-production director (something like that) guy. I'm also a 16 year resident of Los Angeles. Before my mommy days, I was born and raised in Charlotte, NC, travelled to Los Angeles to attend a boarding school for the arts, and went on to study musical theatre and directing at UCLA. I interned in the music business, played in a band, then wrote and co-produced 5 independent releases and travelled all over performing my music and attending entertainment business events. Later, I was offered a scholarship to get an MBA at USC, studying entertainment business, marketing, and communication. Instead of going corporate I decided to use my skills to license my music catalog to television and use my microphone to work in voice-over for commercial, video game, and business clients. No other business but entertainment could move me...until this motherhood "business".  


Becoming a mom SLOWED MY ROLL, but it didn't change who I am. I love to meet new people, I love to find out about the best everything, I love to channel my pain and stress and joy and hope into something transcendent that brings people together. I love to speak vulnerable truths and create moments of excitement and help us all get a little more familiar with each other.  


What else have I done that lends itself to curating wonderful community and events for mamas? Well, I suppose it goes way back to student council and prom committee, and progresses into throwing dinner parties and promoting music gigs in college, being active on social media for over a decade now,  planning and coordinating events in grad school and for multiple alumni groups, later planning my own wedding (featured in Style Me Pretty), and eventually leading my own Meetup.com group for pregnant and new mamas. Then I participated in 6 different mommy and me groups with my kiddo. And then I wanted more.


Because I thought mom-ing was going to be pretty easy, and it's not. Because I've met so many amazing women that look like they've got it together, but feel like they'll take all the support they can get. Because we all know someone who has struggled with a postpartum mood disorder. Because our society is not valuing all that we are, meeting our needs, or reflecting our intelligence or power . Because even the wonderful strides in benefits for working mamas miss the those of us who don't hold corporate jobs, yet are nonetheless chief executives of our homes. Because I see mamas who need local events and opportunities that are connected to your heartfelt motivations and impossible schedules. Because I see mamas who have just had their whole social lives shaken and need to bond with a new tribe. Because I see mamas who yearn to do, learn, or discover something new, different, and exciting for themselves as women (who happen to be moms). And because someone needs to create something like this.  


Sherissa Vamosy

Founding Member, Contributor



Hi, my name is Sherissa. I’m a total eco-crunchy-granola-tree-hugger type, but like the vogue-y kind. I went to art school in Denver, spent a handful of years in Seattle, and lived in Melbourne, Australia for a year, before moving to Los Angeles ten years ago. After working as a wardrobe stylist, then assistant to a renowned interior designer, I started my own fashion line. Shortly after, I had 2 babies 18 months apart which consumed all of my time.


Most of the time, I’m known as “Mama” to these two boys, ages 2 and 3 now, who keep me both exhausted and entertained. I am lucky to have a supportive husband/super-dad who works as chief creative officer at an advertising agency.



My background includes fashion, graphic design, and interior. My style is a bit punk rock, a bit clean Scandinavian design, a bit vintage, a bit glamour. I love mixing texture, graphic prints, exotic flowers/greenery, and special vintage pieces. Whether it’s designing clothing, interiors, or events, I enjoy the problem-solving aspect, as well digging to find the perfect touch.





Moms are my jam. When you become a mom, you are instantly entered into a tribe. When you talk to a mom, you know to the core at least some of what she’s going through. We can all empathize with each other, help each other, and let one another know of the latest and greatest, nifty product to solve that problem that you didn’t know you had (hello roll-on sunscreen). And when we’re able to make the stars align and get a few hours away, we want to do something special and unique that makes us feel like the glamorous and powerful women we are.